Synaptopathies Seminar Series

Venue (unless otherwise specified): Gilliatt lecture theatre, Ground Floor, Queen Square House


Prof Emmanuel Boucrot “Targeted receptor uptake by Fast Endophilin-Mediated Endocytosis (FEME)”


Dr Samuel Cooke ‘How Inhibition in Primary Sensory Cortex Enables the Detection of Novelty’


Prof Juan Burrone


Prof Kailash Bhatia


Prof Oscar Marin

Thursday 24th August 4:00pm

Prof Kailash Bhatia “Paroxysmal dyskinesias”

Thursday 21st September 4:00pm

Speaker: Dr Marco Brancaccio, Cambridge “Astrocytic- neuronal interplay controls circadian pacemaking in mammals”

Thursday 19th October 5:30pm

Speaker: Prof Patricia Salinas, University College London, “Synapse degeneration and resilience: what we are learning from Wnt signals at the synapse”

Thursday 23rd November 4:00pm

Dr Andrew Macaskill. Title TBC. Venue: Wolfson lecture theatre, 33 Queen Square

*Note: event is in Wolfson Lecture Theatre
Further information:

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