Natalia Dominik -1546

Natalia Dominik

I joined the Department of Neuromuscular Disorders in August 2019 and I am a research technician for Professor Henry Houlden and International Centre for Genomic Medicine in Neuromuscular Diseases (IGCNMD).

IGCNMD is a multicentre project which has international partners in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. It is aimed at building ethnically diverse cohorts of children and adults with neuromuscular or neurogenetic diseases and identifying known and new disease variants and genes by genomic analysis to increase the number of patients with a precise diagnosis.

I have a wide range of duties which include sample processing, storage and data-basing. I enjoy working in the lab where I can be quite often found extracting DNA or running various PCRs and southern blots. I am also working with fly models.

Previously, I graduated with first class honours BSc in Biochemistry from London Metropolitan University and a distinction in MSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London. I also worked for three years as a research technician in Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology at Queen Mary University of London.

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