Marta Panciroli - 1600

Marta Panciroli, MD

Marta Panciroli is an Italian doctor who attended Prof. Henry Houlden’s Laboratory as a visiting research fellow for 2 months in 2019 after graduating in medicine. She is interested in paediatric research, focusing on neurological and immunological disorders, with some experience in diagnostic and neuroimmunology research laboratory. During the traineeship she learnt how to analyze NGS data of patients from consanguineous families with neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders and studied many genes underlying epilepsy syndromes; she also acquired laboratory skills, such as PCR Sanger sequencing technique and analysis of chromatograms.

Dr. Panciroli is collaborating with Houlden’s Lab ongoing research projects started during her internship and collecting patients with rare neurological conditions in order to study pathogenic genes.

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