Huma Tariq - 1580

Huma Tariq (Visiting PhD researcher)

Dr. Huma Tariq is passionate about research and wish to seek opportunities to groom her scientific and technical capabilities. She is interested in application of results of basic research to reduce burden of genetic disorders. She joined Houlden’s lab in December 2017, when she was a PhD student. She was sponsored by HEC, IRSIP scholarship from government of Pakistan for her PhD studies. She worked on her PhD project entitled “Molecular characterization of familial ataxic, paraplegic and related movement disorders” and also involved in many side projects at UCL. She has been working on molecular characterization of movement disorders from different Pakistani families. This work involves identification of eligible participants, family recruitment, collecting clinical data, and their genetic characterization using whole-exome sequencing. She completed her PhD in July 2019 and currently is working as Assistant Professor at institute of molecular biology and biotechnology (IMBB), University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.

She is currently working as UCL honorary researcher and is collaborating with Houlden’s lab for different ongoing projects. She feels lucky to be a crucial part of a project, which revealed novel pathogenic bilallelic expansion in RFC1 in ataxic patients, which was published in the highly prestigious journal Nature Genetics.

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