Eloise Tribollet

I am a research technician in the department of molecular neuroscience in the Institute of Neurology (ION). I am maintaining a biobank of human fibroblasts.

The main activity of my job is to collect skin biopsy from clinicians, grow fibroblasts from the biopsy then expend the cells, freeze and store them down in liquid nitrogen. The biopsies are taken on patients with neurologic diseases i.e. Alzheimer; Ataxia; Parkinson… and on healthy persons. These cells are used by researchers all over the world on very different research projects.

I started working at the ION in October 2016. Before that I completed a three years BSc in Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Lyon, France, in September 2016.

Eloise has started a PhD with the Patrick Lewis lab at the University of Reading.

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