Dr. Viorica Chelban

Dr. Viorica Chelban has been awarded the Association of British Neurologists/ MSA Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship and is currently doing a PhD at the University College London Institute of Neurology. Previously, she trained in France, Moldova and UK.  Dr Chelban joined the Molecular Neuroscience Department in 2014 during her MSc in Clinical Neurology. Since then she has gained a wide range of skills in different genetic techniques and analysis with a clear academic focus on genetics of movement disorders. Firstly, she created the UK Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Database, currently expanding with new recruiting sites joining the project. During these extensive genetic analysis Dr Chelban identified new genes causing complex spastic ataxias and new molecular mechanisms of disease.

More recently, Dr Chelban has created and coordinates the UK MSA Network and biobank. This is a unique resource for MSA research collecting a comprehensive set of biosamples combined with prospective clinical and neuroimaging data to advance our understanding in the molecular pathways and establish a trial ready MSA cohort.

Dr Chelban long-term career intention is to become a clinician scientist with expertise in movement disorders, carrying out world-class clinical research in neurogenetics and the translation of such research into clinical practice.

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