Clarissa Rocca - 1649

Clarissa Rocca

I joined Professor Henry Houlden’s lab in the Department of Neuromuscular Diseases in September 2020. I focus on Genomic Wide Association Studies on Parkinson’s Disease in African populations under the supervision of Dr Mie Rizig and I also work on the functional studies of candidate genes derived from large-scale bioinformatics analysis from the 100,000 Genomes Project and from the collection of genomes/exomes of patients with neurological disease at UCL Institute of Neurology.

 Previously, I have graduated with a first class honours BSc in Biotechnology from London Metropolitan University. During that time, I worked on the production of a recombinant IgG, aimed at binding two specific regions of the HIV-1 gp120 glycoprotein. At the end of the project, I successfully produced the antibodies and proved their expression cell lines. For that I won Best Undergraduate Prize and Project Prize during my final year. 

 I completed my MSc in Genetics of Human Diseases at UCL with a distinction, focusing on neurological diseases. I undertook a bioinformatics project at the Institute of Neurology that analysed a cohort of ataxia patients within the 100,000 Genomes to increase genomic diagnosis.

I am dedicated to an academic career focused on the study of poorly understood neurological conditions and I am determined to make a meaningful positive impact in this field through my research.


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