Alice Genrari - 1648

Alice Gennari

Following my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at University “La Sapienza” in Rome, I started the International Master’s Degree in Neuroscience program at University of Trieste (Italy). During this period, I had the possibility to work on my thesis project at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), where my interest in neurodegeneration research first started. I obtained my master’s degree with honours in March 2020, just when the covid-19 pandemic was starting to spread in Europe and tough times were coming ahead. Nevertheless, I was committed to moving to London to take the incredible opportunity to join the UCL Department of Neuromuscular Diseases. Here, I work as Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Cortese and my research is mainly focused on the functional characterisation of a recently discovered DNA repeat expansion associated with late onset ataxia and sensory neuropathy.

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